ENPACK-6 Box-Motion


ENPACK-6 Box-Motion (= rebuilt SYNTEGON / BOSCH-Packaging / TEVOPHARM Pack-6bm) with

  • basic Bosch-Rexroth MLC,
  • incl. servo-motor-spot-correction,
  • integrated temperature control,
  • touch panel (VCR21) etc.

During development of this control ‘user-friendly’ was the main demand, and is based on our over 35 years of experience with (flow-)wrapping-machines.

Other advantage is that this control also can be installed on location in your existing (mechanical) wrapping machine for example your Tevopharm Pack-5/6/7/20/50/70/100 and other brands: Cavanna, PFM, CT-Pack, FMC,ILA Pack, ETC. 
We also do new controls in cartonning-, X-fold-machines, etc.

With much lower cost than a new installation you can have with a retrofit/rebuild/update installation which can be serviced by your own Technical engineers, with support of ENTREC.