About us

ENTREC has exceptional expertise regarding SYNTEGON = BOSCH/Klöckner-packaging/SIG (SIGPACK)/Tevopharm flow pack machines.

Core values      .

  • We use and develop innovative techniques and technology
  • Professional expertise on all levels
  • highly cost-effective
  • Flexible custom build fits your business like a glove
  • Reliability, timeliness and precision are key
  • Transparent planning gets the job done
  • Client and customer come first/client and customer oriented
  • Collaborative with clients and open minded: ENTREC joins your search for the best solution…

Track record

ENTREC is the expert of choice for SYNTEGON = BOSCH/Klöckner-packaging/SIG (SIGPACK)/Tevopharm flow pack machines. Over 30 years of hands-on experience makes us exceptionally reliable as your partner in packaging.


It doesn’t stop at flow wrappers. ENTREC delivers, whether it’s shrink wrappers (volinslag/X-fold), cartoners or peripherals such as metal detectors, printing devices, checkweighers, label dispensers, tray dischargers and a variety of conveyer belts.


ENTREC not only develops and builds in-house mechanical and servo driven flow wrap machines.(ENPACK-6/60/200/500/550 and 600). We tailor the automation of your company processes to size. Preventative maintenance, refurbish, rebuild and retrofit activities are in the knowledgeable and skilfull hands of our 20 certified technicians and our very own engineers.

Obsolete drivers

Any machinery will, at some point in time, have to deal with electrical and/or mechanical components which are no longer available with the supplier/manufacturer or can no longer be serviced by them. ENTREC provides in-house developed rebuild kits to replace these parts rather than having to buy new machinery. This prevents downtime due to unexpected malfunction. ENTREC has a track record in supplying e.g. new electrical cabinets and wiring with PLC (Siemens) and/or servo drivers (Bosch-Rexroth) for a lot of flow wrappers, cartoners, and volinslag (X-fold) machines.

Rebuild kits

As a global integration partner for Bosch-Rexroth, ENTREC has special servo kits at hand (retrofit/’revamp’) for Bosch-Packaging – SIG/Tevopharm/Klöckner machinery. They are easily adapted for use in other brands such as Cavanna, Theegarten/Pactec, Ilapak, Otem, PFM and FMC. The current mechanical photocell axis  (Pack 6) or the Kopp-variator for mark correction (Pack 5) can be replaced bij a Bosch-Rexroth servo driven mark correction with optimising functionality.