Retrofit: improve what is!

As a global integration partner for Bosch-Rexroth, ENTREC has special servo kits at hand (retrofit/’revamp’) for Bosch-Packaging – SIG/Tevopharm/Klöckner machinery. They’re easily adapted for use in other brands such as Cavanna, Theegarten/Pactec, Ilapak, Otem, PFM and FMC. The mechanical photocell axis  (Pack 6) or the Kopp-variator for mark correction (Pack 5) can be replaced bij a Bosch-Rexroth servo driven mark correction with optimising functionality.

Revamp rather than replace!

When electrical and mechanical components are past their ”expiry dates” for maintenance or even purchase, ENTREC helps out with alternatives that allow you to revamp and tailor your machines rather than replace them completely. We developed specific spare part kits to restore your machines to good functional “health”. No unexpected and unpleasant surprises that stop your production line. ENTREC has a track record in supplying e.g. new electrical cabinet with PLC (Siemens) or servo driver (Bosch-Rexroth) for a lot of flow wrappers, cartoners, and volinslag (X-fold) machines.

Klaar voor het volledige pakket?

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